Sunday, 11 October 2015

Monday, 24 August 2015

Hi Zane!!!!

Hey Zane if you are reading thisI hope you had a good trip back to Alaska. Hey i hear there are some pretty awesome creatures over there....that gives me a great idea for a speech competition.... All I need now is some judges with some local knowledge... Well class is a little bit more boring without you, but i still have your name in the no hands up container so every now and then I am still calling your name out to answer a don't worry if your ears are burning....ask your mum she will explain the saying. Please tell your dad that the coffee machine has changed my life and I am more alert than ever. Well hope to hear from you soon or leave me a post with your Skype address and we will Skype you.....please make sure there are wild bears and beavers and raccoons running around behind you.... Wait a minute. Do you get raccoons up in Alaska? Mr Sefton